an etymology lesson – authority.

Firstly, if you dont know what etymology is – its basically the study of words; where they come from, how they have evolved, their original meanings etc. is a fantastic resource for your research.

Anyway, I woke up this morning thinking about the word ‘authority’ . Its a big word for me. I am and always will be anti-authoritarian. I do understand that we need to have ‘authority’ to a certain degree within our society. But its the ‘assumed’ flavour of authority that gets me worked up.

I wrote an article a few days ago that touched on this word, but I thought I should expand on it a bit more. Its a fascinating word.

This definition of ‘authority’ from –

authority (n.)

authoritative passage or statement, book or quotation that settles an argument, passage from Scripture,” from Old French autorité, auctorité “authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures” (12c.; Modern French autorité), from Latin auctoritatem (nominative auctoritas) “invention, advice, opinion, influence, command” from auctor “master, leader, author” (see author (n.)). Usually spelled with a -c- in English before 16c., when the letter was dropped in imitation of French, then with a -th-, probably by influence of authentic.

But lets break the word down, heres where things get interesting. The word ‘authority’ is made from the word ‘author’ and the suffix ‘-ity’.

author (n.)

mid-14c., auctor, autour, autor “father, creator, one who brings about, one who makes or creates” someone or something, from Old French auctor, acteor “author, originator, creator, instigator” 

Definition of -ity

condition, state, degree, quality.

So therefore the word authority literally means the degree of creation, the degree of ‘father-ness’. Or, how much creative power an entity, or being has. Now obviously there are levels of ‘authority’ running in this reality thing yeah? God/source being the ultimate creator, the ultimate authority. Then we have mankind/humans being the next most powerful creator. Man then created government. 

How much creative power does a government have?

Our governments are corporations, dead entities (‘corporation’ is derived from the word corpse). Dead entities cannot create. Therefore governments/corporations have zero authority, because they have zero creative power. 

This is where our power lies. We are the authors of our own lives. We are the more powerful entity here. Our assumed, perceived authorities literally have no authority. 

So how is it that these governments are still telling the people what to do, and people are just blindly following along with the obviously-full-of-holes narrative? Well unfortunately, most of our society is suffering from infantilisation, which is an enormous subject and beyond the scope of this post. I will be writing more on this topic at some stage though. In the meantime, this video below touches on it, and is a very good watch overall. Enjoy.


Watch on Bitchute here –

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