So I have this theory that some of the old-school (Tartarian era) buildings that were primarily made from red brick, used quartz in their mortar instead of sand, as is the case with modern mortar. But why? Why would the masons of times past use quartz?

I was out in my backyard a while back and I came across a bunch of quartz on the ground. I have heaps of it out here (I live on 20 acres), enough for me to make piles of it, so thats what I did. As I was doing so, I noticed sparks coming from the rocks. At first I thought it must be a piece of flintstone or something, but then soon realised the sparks were actually coming out of the quartz.

OK, I thought – theres electricity in these rocks. Now how do I get it out? So I did a bit of research and discovered some amazing things about quartz crystal. Firstly, piezoelectricity. This power source is nuts! And its everywhere. Its basically an electric charge that accumulates, and is stored in some solid materials including crystals and bone. I’ll come back to the bones later on.

So this piezo electricity is not only stored in the quartz, it accumulates. Which means its a never ending source of energy. Have you ever had one of those clicking lighters that sends out an electric spark? Thats a quartz crystal in there. Every time its compressed it releases a spark. And its tiny! That tiny little quartz crystal seems to have a never ending lifespan.

Which brings me to the mortar. What would happen of one were to get a fine powder of quartz crystals and compress them under a massive weight? Like in a brick wall for instance? Can you imagine the potential and stored energy inside of that grid system? All of the mortar is connected together like an electrical circuit. And the red brick, which have a lot of iron in them, not only provide the weight but also act as a fantastic insulator. The wall quite literally becomes a battery. And then all one would need to do is drive a copper rod into the ground, and then another one into the wall, and they would have endless free electricity.

I need to get some red bricks.

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