We have this thing happening. This thing, where there are now another 2 different types of people. The “vaccinated”, and the “unvaccinated” – some of which are still vaccinated, but arent “vaccinated”. Theyre not anti-vax, they just dont want this one. So theres the ‘vaccinated’, and the ‘just-dont-want-this-one-vaccinated’. Oh, and then there are others that have actually never had a vaccine, ever. The actual un-vaccinated; who still fit into the “unvaccinated” category. Got it?

Its another one of those ‘things’ that have separated us. Another way to compete with our neighbours.

I dont know if youve noticed or not, but this shit is sending people mad. As if the world werent crazy enough as it was. The fear that has resulted from the media has made people take part in a mass biological experiment. People normally wouldnt do this kind of thing en masse. Normally, there would be an ad in the paper asking for participants, stating that there is monetary reward for taking part in the experiment; and then a few people would take part. Thats how we would ‘normally‘ do experiments on humans. Im not advocating experiments on humans either, by the way. Im just sayin’ – experiments, on humans.

Its weird. Experimenting on humans shouldnt be considered normal at all.

And people know theyre being experimented on. If they dont by now they must have their heads in the sand. And they know this stupid virus has a huge survival rate. And they know getting jabbed doesnt stop them from contracting or spreading the virus. And they know there are side effects. And they know that the chances of contracting it and dying are really slim. So why do they do it? I guess there are many reasons that I dont need to list. But the big one, is brainwashing. People have been brainwashed into this.

This entire system that people live in, was made and built by mental means. It was created as an idea that has evolved into what it is today. A kind of cinematic sports field. Where everything is in competition with everything else. It is a 180 flip of what were supposed to be doing. Which is creating. We cannot compete and create at the same time. Competition requires fear. Creation requires love. They are polar opposites.

Everything that we know has been programmed into us via media, and history books. Most of which is all bullshit. And then people repeat these programs over and over until it becomes the ‘truth’, or ‘facts’. And they even repeat things that they know are bullshit, like santa. I mean come on, who is this guy, really? Is everyone giving up their hard earned cash to satan every year? Is that what is happening? Is that what were doing? Is it just coincidence that the 2 names are spelled that way, and this dude santa just happens to come out and a time of the year thats supposed to be about jesus? And jesus and satan are the opposite of each other. Theres that 180 flip again.

The level of programming is unbelievable. This has been going on for I dont know how long. But what I do know, is that its there, and its deliberate. And its how ‘they’ have produced this level of insanity in the people. The insanity that is turning every day people against each other, and creating yet another class that are scared out of their wits because theyve realised how out of control they are of their own lives. Theyre also afraid that a virus, or the vaccine for the virus, might make them sick and die. And they want you to join them.


The flu was never in the news,

other than – “go and get your flu shot”, once a year and then thats it, right? So therefore if people didnt watch the news, people wouldnt even know about this virus. Statistically speaking it kills less people than the flu. It shouldnt even make the news. But people arent questioning this either. This is a mental issue here. This is a mental health issue.

The programming goes so deep that people dont even question contradicting information, but only if that contradicting information comes from authority. If you or I were in a discussion and the information we were presenting was contradictory we would be slammed. But if the government does it – “oh thats alright, no worries”. This imagined position of authority that the government has, has been drilled into us, even though we have words like ‘public servant’. And Im pretty sure most people are aware that the government is a collection of public servants. And yet, the government is pushing the people around. Can anybody say 180 flip?

This world is topsy-turvy. The whole thing is upside-down. I think its pretty safe to say that whatever were being told about anything that comes from a position or person of ‘authority’, the opposite is the truth.

‘Authority’ is a very interesting word.

Origin and meaning of authority

authority (n.)

c. 1200, autoriteauctorite “authoritative passage or statement, book or quotation that settles an argument, passage from Scripture,” from Old French autoritéauctorité “authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures

‘Authority’ – author, or auctor (master, leader), as was the original latin word – is also someone who tells stories which make you conjure up images in your mind. This is how the mind works, with pictures, images. These images make an impression on your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind cant tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary. If you see these conjured up images from the ‘author’ often enough, your unconscious mind will create this reality for you. And you will notice things in your every day life that reflect this ‘conjured up reality’ via whats known as the RAS, or reticular activating system, in your brain. This isnt science fiction. This is what happens in your mind, and the authors know this. And they use this to their advantage everywhere you look. Its how marketing, and advertising works. Its how the news works. It how Hollywood works. Its how the music industry works. Its how the education system works.

The lie is drilled into us over and over until it becomes the ‘truth’. And the people that are continuing and regurgitating these lies dont even know theyre doing it, because they dont question where they got their information from, they just repeat it automatically – as was taught to them in school – “repeat after me!”. And if you got it wrong, you were punished in some form or another. Or your parents were punished in some for or another. So eventually after being punished enough people just go with the flow, they dont question authority, and they go and get vaccinated; because authority said so.

And thats how theyve got us by the proverbial balls.

The covid condition is the human condition. It is the condition that we have found ourselves in – as lost children. We have given up our responsibilities to the authors, who have essentially become the parents of our society. We are a society of children squabbling over whos got the biggest dick shaped building, instead of a society that creates for itself in order to sustain itself.

Sustainability, is easy. Free energy is easy. Fresh local produce and water is easy. But its gonna take people working together, and not competing, in order to create the society that Im pretty sure most people want. Its really simple. All we have to do is stop using their systems. Even if it were just for one day, to let them know whos boss. And I know, I get it – this is easier said than done. But we need to start somewhere. The whole system has to go. The whole thing is corrupt. It does work for us, it works against us and takes away from us that which we rightfully have – the freedoms to do that which we wish to do. The same freedoms that a bird has, as everything in nature has. The freedoms for speech, travel, commerce, land and resources. None of these things should have ever been monopolised, or owned, or regulated by anyone, let alone a government.

I do think were on a good path right now though. This whole covid thing has exposed a lot of the bullshit that goes on around the world. But I also think we have a long way to go before people truly understand their power. It is actually us, that are running the world. Our collective creating power has manifested what we are experiencing today. We made this, we just dont realise it. Yes, we were guided to this reality via the silver screen, but it is our minds and emotions, and energies that have brought it into the material world. If it werent on the news, it would go away pretty quickly. People would just forget about it, the same way they forget about everything else, and they would just get on with their lives. But, if people just got on with their lives, nothing would change. Imagine what we could do if we put our collective energies into a better civilisation, instead of competing with each other?

We needed this shake-up.


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